" अग्ने नय सुपथा राये " ईशावास्योप्िनषद् (18) यजुर्वेद का चालीसवां अध्याय है। इस मंत्र में ऋषि ने बड़े ही प्रतीकात्मक शब्दों में अग्नि से प्रार्थना की है की - हे अग्निदेव! मुझे " राये " अर्थात भौतिक वैभव , ऐश्वर्य-सम्पदा के लिए सुन्दर शुभ पथ से ले चलो। धन जीवन के लिए आवश्यक भी है किन्तु धन सभी बुराइयों का जड़ भी है। धनोपार्जन यदि सच्चाई , ईमानदारी और संतोषवृत्ति के सुमार्ग पर चलकर किया जाये तो मन में शांति का बिरवा फलता है आत्मशक्ति बढ़ती है इसलिए भी यह प्रार्थना सार्थक है की ऋषि ने अग्निदेव से सीधा धन नहीं माँगा , धन तो पुरुषार्थ से ही कमाया जाता है, केवल शुभ मार्ग से भटकने से अपने बचाव के लिए ऋषि ने अग्नि से मार्गदर्शन माँगा है। सुमार्ग पर चलते रहने के लिए सहयोग का वरदान माँगा है।

President Speech

Greetings everyone,

It's our pleasure to announce that we have launched our official YouTube channel.This channel will have great content created by members of the IT Bar Association.

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48th AGM Notice, Annual & Audit Report 2019-20 - Click Here

CA. B. Subramanyam

President Message

Dear Members,

Friends, every crisis is a challenge and every challenge is an opportunity. Our country is facing COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Time will tell how India shall convert this challenge to an opportunity and put an example before the world for its administrative as well as technical skills to fight against such unprecedented pandemic and come out of this crisis by reviving its economy and taking it to next level.

I am of the firm opinion that, process of delivering justice in any matter cannot be prolonged for substantial period by the judicial system under any circumstances as it is said that “justice delayed is justice denied”. Amidst COVID-19 pandemic the judicial Authorities cannot stop and hold delivering justice.

Recently, The Chief Justice of India Hon’ble S. A. Bobde said tax judiciary plays a very important role in resource mobilization of the country and expressed concern over pendency of cases. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India further said that "A just and speedy dispute resolution is perceived as a tax incentive by the taxpayer. To the tax collector, an efficient tax judiciary assures that demands arising out of legitimate assessment are not strangled in delayed litigation," He further said that people should know what is due from them and government should know what is due to them that can be achieved through early disposal of cases

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