" अग्ने नय सुपथा राये " ईशावास्योप्िनषद् (18) यजुर्वेद का चालीसवां अध्याय है। इस मंत्र में ऋषि ने बड़े ही प्रतीकात्मक शब्दों में अग्नि से प्रार्थना की है की - हे अग्निदेव! मुझे " राये " अर्थात भौतिक वैभव , ऐश्वर्य-सम्पदा के लिए सुन्दर शुभ पथ से ले चलो। धन जीवन के लिए आवश्यक भी है किन्तु धन सभी बुराइयों का जड़ भी है। धनोपार्जन यदि सच्चाई , ईमानदारी और संतोषवृत्ति के सुमार्ग पर चलकर किया जाये तो मन में शांति का बिरवा फलता है आत्मशक्ति बढ़ती है इसलिए भी यह प्रार्थना सार्थक है की ऋषि ने अग्निदेव से सीधा धन नहीं माँगा , धन तो पुरुषार्थ से ही कमाया जाता है, केवल शुभ मार्ग से भटकने से अपने बचाव के लिए ऋषि ने अग्नि से मार्गदर्शन माँगा है। सुमार्ग पर चलते रहने के लिए सहयोग का वरदान माँगा है।

CA Sanjay Bilthare

President Message

Dear Member,

First of all I would like to extend gratitude to all of you for entrusting me with the responsibility as President of the prestigious Income Tax Bar Association. Our team had taken charge from the immediate Past President CA B.Subramaniam in the last AGM held on 27th June 2020, first ever AGM under Virtual Mode. We, under whose guidance of our past president, have converted the challenging situation of COVID-19 to an opportunity for learning and have continuously organized the webinars for the knowledge updation.

Now, with my new team we all are committed to put in best of our efforts and commitment to serve our profession with the same spirit. Due to COVID-19, the current year had become a year of Life Saving, which will be well observed with the action of government, where in continuous relaxation had been provided in the various compliances. In the present secnerio, we have to work very cautiously so that not only we save ourselves but also our family and friends who are very much connected to us.

Friends, Department had introduced VIVAD SE VISHWAS SCHEME 2020, with an intention to reduce the Income Tax pending litigation, generate timely revenue for Government and help the taxpayers to end their disputes with the department by paying disputed tax and get waiver from payment of interest and penalty. Also get immunity from prosecution. Initially the benefit under the scheme was available upto 30 June 2020, but due to pandemic situation the said scheme has been extended to 31 December 2020. As the opportunity has been extended, so I request the member to analyse your pending cases, and take the benefit of the scheme.

It is the tough time for our professional colleagues also, looking to the pandemic situation all around the country the government is providing relaxation to the tax paying/ tax return filing community and compliances are extending every now and then, based on the situation. Even the business community ie. Our clients are also under the same critical situation, their business is also not operating at their full strength due to limitation of staff and workers. So the documents are not coming to our office on time for the compliances. As I have quoted earlier, this is the year of LIFE SAVING not for Compliance. As we all have a tendency to put in best of our efforts for our clients and take the burden totally on us, and make him free to do his business activity. It is the high time, when your revenues are also differing and we have to meet out our fixed costs, so we should also plan our activity in a way so that it may not become burdensome. Everybody is familiar with the current financial crises, so discuss the instances with your working team and reduce your fixed financial burden, so that the things may carry on till the end of this pandemic. 

Friends, the Government is also putting best of its efforts to save the life of its people. It had floated the funds and essential commodities through various schemes and banks for supporting the common man and the business community. But from where the funds will come to the government?, that’s a big question. Every person, as per his capacity, is generously contributing to the various funds of the State and Central Government, to help the government to fight with this critical situation. So What I feel, we should encourage our clients to pay the taxes, a little more than his capacity, as a contribution to the nation in this pandemic situation. This will be our duty to Nation. I know we all are doing the same but I request to put in little more efforts for the same, really it’s a need of hour.

At the end, Once again I want to say that IT Bar Association, as a team we will try to put in best our efforts in organizing the programmes for the benefits of its members. I also request all the members to suggest the topic of common interest of the members, so that we may plan accordingly.

Thanks & Regards
Yours Sincerely
(CA Sanjay Bilthare)

President, IT BAR, Raipur